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Contact us for AAP preparation, consulting, OFCCP audit support and compliance, as well as other related services. For over 30 years, we have been perfecting Affirmative Action compliance, and assisting companies and federal contractors around the country. The contractor is permitted to develop and implement training and employment for employees with disabilities. Examples include, developing a job training program focused on the specific needs of individuals with certain disabilities such as traumatic brain injury or developmental disabilities and utilizing linkage agreements to recruit program trainees. Successful programs such as these have been developed by some contractors and OFCCP desires to make clear they are permissible, though not required.

See, e.g., AAAED’s Comments on the OFCCP’s “Government Contractors, Requirement to Report Summary Data on Employee Compensation,” Federal Register/Vol. Sample affirmative action programs and PowerPoint presentations will be uploaded to the site where available. Where available, conciliation agreements from former OFCCP settlements will also be provided here. Retaliation against the complainant is prohibited by university policy and federal/state laws. Examples of protected activity include filing a claim of discrimination, participating as a witness in a discrimination investigation or refusing to obey an order reasonably believed to be discriminatory.

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Analyzing applicant flow, hires, roster, terminations, promotions, and transfers to determine if there is a negative impact against women and minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities conducted on an annual basis. These voluntary training and development programs should not result in discrimination against other groups and do not relieve a contractor from liability for discrimination under this act, Executive Order 11246, or the Vietnam Era Vetrans’ Readjustment Assistance Act. The contractor must develop and implement procedures to ensure that its employees are not harassed on the basis of disability. The requirements of this subpart apply to every Government contractor that has 50 or more employees and a contract of $50,000 or more. Affirmative action is defined as a set of procedures designed to; eliminate unlawful discrimination among applicants, remedy the results of such prior discrimination, and prevent such discrimination in the future. Applicants may be seeking admission to an educational program or looking for professional employment.

  • Developing an affirmative action plan AAP is not an easy task and managing the broader regulatory requirements is an ongoing effort, not a once-a-year project.
  • What are some of the other affirmative action compliance responsibilities of federal contractors?
  • To accommodate the ruling in Hopwood v. Texas banning any use of race in school admissions, the State of Texas passed a law guaranteeing entry to any state university if a student finished in the top 10% of their graduating class.
  • The annualized cost burden of an AAP for both management and administrative-support hours combined is around $7830.00, with that amount climbing to $15,150 for companies with 501 employees or more, which in both cases extend to an equal amount in lost labor toward core company duties.
  • Multi-establishment companies must have an individual AAP for each location, facility, or establishment that has 50 or more employees.

Since these regulations are complex requirements do change, expert interpretation is often needed and strongly recommended. OutSolve specializes in affirmative action plan preparation and other related Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs compliance issues. AAIM’s consulting staff develops over 150 OFCCP compliant Sample Affirmative Action Programs AAPs each year. We incorporate the ever-changing requirements to ensure compliance and are proud to say that none of our AAPs have received any technical violation during a review process. With more than 30 years of experience in developing Affirmative Action Plans, our goal is to simplify the burden for organizations.


Consequently, these cases have constantly reshaped the view on affirmative action policies by referring to it, in its original sense, a race-conscious policy, which ultimately obliges the inclusion of people of minority groups in higher education. Most importantly, it has questioned whether or not affirmative action is effective in achieving numerical goals while avoiding preferential treatment, where many[who? Covered contractors holding a contract of $150,000 or more must prepare a written annual affirmative action plan for protected veterans. An AAP is a management plan for ensuring that covered federal contractors are providing applicants and employees with equal employment opportunities.

  • Ensuring that seniority practices, job classifications, work assignments and other personnel practices do not have a discriminatory effect by continually monitoring all personnel and employment-related activities to ensure that both the EEO policy and the Contractor’s obligations are being carried out.
  • Educate anyone responsible for hiring on the importance of applicant disposition codes and how to record them, and ensure that employees know your policies and where to find them.
  • The “EEO is the Law” poster, prepared by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , summarizes these laws and explains how an employee or applicant can file a complaint if she or he believes that she or he has been the victim of discrimination.
  • Now you know what affirmative action is, let’s look at some affirmative action examples in the workplace.

Department of Labor to help employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities under Federal employment laws. Conduct, at least annually, a review of all minority and female employees for promotional opportunities and encourage them to seek or prepare for such opportunities. Non-construction or “supply and service” contractors or subcontractors must develop one or more written AAPs, depending on whether your business meets the above thresholds for one or more of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ laws. The contractor shall annually evaluate its utilization of individuals with disabilities in each job group, or in its entire workforce as provided in paragraph of this section. When employees are featured in employee handbooks or similar publications for employees, include individuals with disabilities.

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In much of the United States at this time, they were barred from all levels of education, from basic reading to higher-level skills useful outside of the plantation setting. The case has been appealed, and in January 2022, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case together with a similar case related to admissions practices at the University of North Carolina. Funded by US based OnDeck, Longlist is currently enabling 50+ businesses to increase their candidate and client reach outs, automating the workflow across stages. OFCCP oversees compliance with these requirements and is done through compliance audits, which can escalate to on-site inspections. Internal—the percentage of minorities or women among those promotable, transferable, and trainable within the organization.

Sample Affirmative Action Programs

Executive Order mandates that federal contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from discriminating in employment decisions on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion and requires affirmative action for women and minorities. An affirmative action program is a management tool designed to ensure equal employment opportunity and foster employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. An affirmative action program institutionalizes the contractor’s commitment to equality in every aspect of employment and is more than a paperwork exercise. An affirmative action program is dynamic in nature and includes measurable objectives, quantitative analyses, and internal auditing and reporting systems that measure the contractor’s progress toward achieving equal employment opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Although an Affirmative Action Program is intended to eradicate the effects of past discrimination in employment, it is meant to be inclusive without regard to race, gender, disabilities, or veteran status. Per the Equal Employment Opportunity website; the EEOC collects workforce data from federal contractors with more than 50 employees .

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